Stories and bells

I hear the pen calling me
My hands are aching,
but the words are not coming
There’s a story to tell
I think it might be about...
a bell!?
No... no... it’s about a girl

She is strong,
she doesn’t like to cry,
but she’s also very kind
She lost something in the woods,
something precious she can not find

She searches and searches
completely alone
She walks and walks
toward the unknown
Her journey isn’t easy,
there are monsters to fight
They’re like mirrors
showing her inner side

She makes friends along the way
They give her a hand
and invite her to play
They teach her to trust
and how to be brave
She can now fight all the monsters
that come in her way

Most of them just run away
while others prefer to stay
Some of them she’ll fight everyday,
but the rest have something to say
They talk to her
and they make a truce
deciding to live together
in peace and no abuse

The girl choses a path,
a direction to go
she wanders and wanders
‘till she reaches her goal
She finds what she lost
she finds her heart,
she finds herself
She knows who she is,
she will never forget

She doesn’t have to be perfect
She is brave and she is kind
She is intelligent and she is wise
She is strong, she’s not afraid to cry
She’s not alone anymore
and never will be

Her quest is now finished
She’s out of the woods,
but her journey will continue
until the end of her life
She just have to wait
and another adventure
soon will rise.

I put my pen down,
but I still hear a bell
I think there is
another story to tell...
This time is a boy
who comes to my mind.

He has a lot of ambition,
he is impetuous and determined
and he’s on a mission
He rides through the woods,
the mountains and the valleys
He follows the road
that leads him to his destiny

He gets to this castle
so beautiful outside
and he can not stop wondering
if inside there is his bride

Suddenly he sees a dragon
and he has no time to hide
He puts his fear in his pocket
and decides to fight
He pulls out his sword
and runs toward the beast
all the time praying
to not become the dragon’s feast
The dragon is bigger,
but the boy is smarter,
he dodges the fire
and hurts the belly of the beast
Then the dragon collapses
at the boy’s feet

He storms into the castle,
but there’s no princess to save
he just had to learn
how to be brave
He goes back outside
and the truth, he realizes
He sees the real beast
reflected in the dragon’s eyes

He takes care of the dragon’s wound
and begs for forgiveness
The dragon is so gracious,
he offers the boy mercy
beyond imagination
He teaches him to be patient
and what really means to be strong

The boy is so happy
that he can not avoid the tears in his eyes
His destiny wasn’t
what he thought it would be
He found himself
and now he knows who he is

He doesn’t need to hurt others
to prove his value
He’s not alone anymore
and never will be
he has a friend
that will always stand besides him

Now the boy is not only brave,
but he is also kind
He is loyal and trustworthy
He is strong and wise
He accomplished his mission,
but soon another will arise
So he has to be prepared
‘till the end of his life.

I thought the story was over,
but now the words won’t go away
I think the bell
still have something to say...

The girl and the boy,
they meet one day
in the very same wood
they go with their friends to play

They soon become allies
and with time they fall in love
And it’s important to say
that their love came to stay

But they’re not the perfect couple
They fight and make mistakes,
but they can also say sorry
and make up before the end of the day
They trust each other
more than anyone else
United they’re stronger
and wiser, too
They make each other better

One day they decide
to go on an adventure together
and always walk side by side
It won’t be an easy road,
but they’re ready to face
whatever comes in their way
The sorrow and the happiness
The failures and the victories
The mistakes and the forgiveness
There will be tons of obstacles
and problems yet unknown,
but they’re not alone
and never will be
They have each other
and all of their friends

So I finally figured out
where the bell fits in
Above the chapel, it rings and shouts
blessings to the new couple.

My hands are aching no more,
so I put my pen down
and take a deep breath
I can finally rest
while I wait for the story
that will come next.


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